Rooms overview


Choose from our room options and experience daily the lake with its sparkling water and comfort.


Double room with XXL-balcony

approx. 22 m²  

from € 97,00per adult/day

Double room villa with balcony

approx. 24 m²  

from € 120,00per adult/day

Double room villa

approx. 20 m²  

from € 91,00per adult/day

Double room Seensucht with XXL balcony

approx. 28 m²  

from € 120,00per adult/day

Suite Hochgosch with XXL-balcony

approx. 34 m²  

from € 137,00per adult/day

Bivouac under the stars

approx. 19 m²  

from € 112,50per adult/day

Suite Abendsonne with XXL balcony

approx. 40 m²  

from € 137,00per adult/day

Suite Panorama with XXL balcony

approx. 50 m²  

from € 139,00per adult/day

Suite Sonnenbucht with XXL balcony

approx. 34 m²  

from € 132,00per adult/day

Doppelzimmer mit XXL-Balkon als Einzelzimmer

approx. 22 m²  

from € 134,00per adult/day

Doppelzimmer Seensucht mit XXL Balkon als Einzelzimmer

approx. 28 m²  

from € 79,00per adult/day