means change, awakening, freedom

Shiatsu is a recognised way of holistic and preventive medicine with the aim to restore and strengthen one's vitality and durability by activating and regulating the body's own energies.  

The focus is on manual work at the meridian system (energy control system) of the body. With shiatsu (Japanese for finger pressure) most of the physical, psychological and spiritual symptoms can be treated or accompanied. Shiatsu is mainly practiced while lying on the floor on a mat or while sitting.

The theoretical foundation of shiatsu complies to a large extend with the foundation of the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). In a report of the EU commission on complementary medicine, shiatsu is mentioned as one of eight methods.

Robert Sichrowsky-Dobernig, dipl. Shiatsu – Practitioner

[Translate to Englisch:] SPA, shiatsu, millstätter see, hotel
[Translate to Englisch:] Robert vor dem Millstätter See in Kärnten