Surfing and sailing

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Whether it is a sailing and surf course or a brush-up lesson with Norbert at his sailing and surfing school, in Millstatt you are in good hands. The wind at Lake Millstättersee usually is not too strong and offers perfect conditions especially for beginners.

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Overview of surfing and sailing classes

Surfing for children from 8 years

Playfully learning to surf. Whether it is an introductory day or a 3 to 5day course, it is possible to complete the course with a basic certificate. 3day course EUR 90.- | 5-day course EUR 145.- | Completion with basic certificate (surcharge EUR 25, -) possible.

Sailing for youngsters from 12 years

Discover the lake in a sailboat. Youngsters are taught a lot of theory and practice, in a fast-paced team 3 day course EUR 95.- | 5 day course EUR 155.- | Completion with basic certificate (surcharge EUR 25, -) possible.

Interesting & personal: Interview with Norbert, head of the surf and sailing school Millstatt

How did you get to surfing and sailing? After my baker's apprenticeship I rather wanted to do something outside, in the open air and with (nice) people. In the course of my occupational reorientation I ended up with sailing and surfing by chance.

What does the first lesson with you look like? In the first lesson we get to know each other and the material. After a simulator training respectively a short theoretical introduction ashore, we go directly into the water.

What is the most important thing when it comes to teaching kids? Fun and games, but safety must not be forgotten. Therefore life jackets are compulsory for everyone below the age of 18.

Why is Lake Millstättersee well suited for beginners? Lake Millstättersee is perfectly suited for beginners because the wind is moderate in the morning and allows for a safe learning. Less wind causes less waves and keeping the balance is easier. In the afternoon the wind gradually increases and intermediates get their money's worth. An open surfing area and moderate ship traffic contribute to increased safety.

What is the size of your groups, how difficult is the theory? A general statement regarding group size is difficult, since it depends heavily on the time of year and the weather conditions. In general there are always 2-3 instructors at the spot, which means that there are never more than 10 participants per instructor. The theory is doable for everyone and nothing to worry about.